D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Episode 22: The Cartographer of Montepulciano

The Cartographer of Montepulciano

At some point in every wine lover’s deepening obsession, they fall down the cartographic rabbit hole. If you’ve fallen prey to this map-centric preoccupation, don’t miss this episode of Wine Thieves. John and Sara speak with mapmaker straordinario Alessandro Masnaghetti, founder of Enogea, publisher of the world’s most detailed maps of wine regions. More than just practical tools, these are works of cultural significance, humanizing and preserving a living landscape. But they do also help us to understand a wine’s shaded nuances of flavour and structure, positioning each in contextual time and space. Masnaghetti’s map of Montepulciano guides the Wine Thieves as they delve deeper into the distinctive terroir of Vino Nobile. For this episode, you’ll want to follow along with your own map; go to Consorziovinonobile.it or enogea.it to download your own copy and join us on the tour.
Finally, John acquiesces to Sara’s repeated requests to share the mysteries of Italian language pronunciation. You will not want to miss this final segment (46:45) that will have you pronouncing mammolo, nobile and bruschetta like a full blooded Italian!
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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano:

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