D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Episode 13

Médoc Part 3: Sustainability, Organics, Biodynamics & Agroforestry

If these are not words you often associate with Bordeaux, or, the Médoc, then this episode will be perspective-changing. The Médoc may be humid, influenced by both the mighty Atlantic and the Gironde Estuary, but the challenges are welcomed by the growing number of environmentally-conscious, innovative producers of the region. Bordeaux is the heartland of the HVE government initiative (Haute Valeur Environnmentale), which certifies sustainable wine production, and encourages the move to organic winemaking. The uptake in the Médoc has been impressive.

In this episode, we interview the inventive Jean-Baptist Cordonnier, forestry engineer and proprietor of Château Anthonic in the commune of Moulis-en-Médoc. Cordonnier has developed a fascinating, enhanced system of organic viticulture based on the principals of agroforestry. We learn more about “Bordeaux mixture” and reducing the reliance on copper, subterranean communications via beneficent fungi and mycorrhizae, the need to return vineyards to a more natural, forest-like ecosystem, and generally delve deeper into the ambitious goals that the Médoc appellation has established in order to become a leader in eco-viticulture. Anyone interested in learning about, or creating, a more logical system of viticulture will not want to miss this conversation.


Sara & John



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