D’Amato & Szabo: Wine Thieves – Episode 11

Episode 1: Médoc, the Next Generation

The Wine Thieves are happy to introduce a new series devoted to the wine region of Médoc. This perspective changing three-part podcast investigates the region through the lens of a new generation of family-owned estates. Forward-thinking and with commitment to sustainable and organic production, we explore the new dynamism of the Médoc. We investigate the presence of women in wine in these historically steeped appellations and listen to perspectives on the future of Bordeaux. 

In Episode 1, we welcome Elise Uijttewaal, proprietor of the Cru Bourgeois estate of Château Saint-Hilaire in the AOC of Médoc. Of Dutch descent and a trained engineer, Elise is perfectly equipped to speak about the history of the region and the terroir of the Médoc. You’ll hear about how women in Médoc are found in numbers greater than ever in the cellar, in the vineyard and in positions of marketing. We also discuss the updated classification systems of the Cru Bourgeois and Crus Artisans designations.

If you enjoyed the article, Rediscovering Médoc, and want a deeper dive into the region, this podcast series is for you. In this first episode we give you an expansive regional overview of terroir, appellations, classifications and some history along the way. Click below to listen to Episode 1: Médoc, the Next Generation. This episode was created in partnership with Les Vins du Médoc Bordeaux. For more information visit: https://www.medoc-bordeaux.com


Sara d’Amato & John Szabo


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