Mastronardi Estate Brianjë Riesling 2007, VQA Lake Erie North Shore

Riesling Riesling
Ontario, Canada

$8.94 (113423)

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2.0 Stars
August 29, 2009

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Gary Killops
Gary Killops

If you liked Mastronardi’s 2006 BriAnjë Riesling you will want to put this one on your wine list to purchase.

I enjoyed the 2006 and believe that this one is even better. It is a little sweeter, with a bigger floral aroma and taste.

Take your time with this wine and enjoy the nose. It is wonderful. I don’t know of any other local wine that has such a nice floral bouquet. Enjoy it!

Taste is smooth from beginning to end. Notes of pineapple and some other tropical fruits. Finish is quite long.
Very enjoyable alone or with a nice chicken dinner.

This wine has been selected for the LCBO Vintages Program and should be a good seller priced at only $15.

If you like Rieslings, don’t miss this one. Excellent!

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