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  • How can I Find or Search for a wine?
  • How do I notify you of a mistake?
  • How do I use the Find Wine feature?
  • Why can't I find a wine?
Friends, Followers & Following
  • How do I invite a friend?
  • What's this Followers and Following stuff?
  • Why should I invite a friend?
Icons & Symbols
  • What do the thumbs up, thumbs down icons mean?
  • What do those Drinkability icons mean?
  • What do those inventory symbols mean?
  • What is that Add To... icon?
  • What is the Reviews(x,y) button?
  • What is your WineAlign Score?
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  • Is there an Android app?
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  • How do I find a wine if I’m not a member?
  • What will you do with my information?
Palate Profiler & Influence Levels
  • How do change my palate profiler, add critics or add users?
  • What is a Palate Profile?
  • Why can't I change influence levels?
  • How do I Cancel my Recurring Subscription Payment?
  • Paying for a Subscription
What are My Lists?
  • How do I build and share a List?
  • How do I use My Cellar?
  • How do I use My Lists?
  • What are Favourites?
  • What is a Shopping List?