Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial, Champagne, France

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial, Champagne, France Bottle

Champagne Champagne
Champagne, France

$62.85 (453084)

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Straw/gold colour with with a greenish tinge and a fine mousse; forward floral, mineral, toasty, brioche, and yeasty aromas; dry with citrus, delicate bread dough and apple flavours; light creamy mouthfeel with crisp citrus acidity and a clean finish.

Also 200ml LCBO ID: 111294
and 375ml LCBO ID: 453076


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Community Reviews (2)

Justyn Szymczyk
Justyn Szymczyk

Oh yeah, now we're talking. Simply outstanding, impossible not to smile when these bubbles hit the roof of your mouth. Lovely nuttiness, and dark chocolate combine with the refreshing citrus notes to make this memorable.

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Robert Kischuk
Robert Kischuk

This always fits the bill, but I can think of several locals for 30-40 where two of those are better than one of these.

Nice stuff...will never turn it down; might not buy too often.

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