El Maestro Sierra Fino Sherry, Do Jerez

Sherry Sherry
Jerez, Spain

$11.95 (402719)

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An atypical fino here I'd say, more deeply coloured than the norm, and more oxidative in style - almost into amontillado territory. In any case, it's a rich, powerful and complex wine with masses of flavour and terrific finish - really remarkable at the price. I'd serve this with a piece of 12 month old comté or Manchego cheese for a fine flavour experience. Score: 91 (John Szabo, MS, www.WineAlign.com, Dec 2012)

3.5 Stars
January 19, 2013

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Kevin Donato
Kevin Donato

Pale straw in colour with salted almond, light brine and a touch of acidity. The length is on the shorter side but is very appetite stimulating. Pairs very well with mixed nuts and green olives. March 2013.

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