Joseph Cattin Muscat 2010, Ac Alsace

Muscadet Muscadet
Alsace, France

$15.95 (224634)

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3.5 Stars
July 07, 2012

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Blair Dowden
Blair Dowden

This has the same unique taste as an Alsace gewertztraminer, so I assume that is the taste of the terroir. Very nice for the price.

3.5 Stars3.5 Stars
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Robert Kischuk
Robert Kischuk

Great gewurzt-ish smell, lively fruit on impact/swishing, then POOF!...the fruit disappears nanoseconds after swallowing. 'Hit and Run' flavor, leaving a light and inoffensive finish.

We tried this with Chicken Balti (fairly mild curry) as suggested, but the wine didn't have the backbone to cut through.

Would have it again as a straight sipper, or maybe served with asparagus as the bottle suggests (do people actually eat asparagus as a stand-alone course?).

Worth the cost.

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