Sabor Real Toro 2008, Do Toro

Sabor Real Toro 2008, Do Toro Bottle

Tempranillo Tempranillo
Toro, Spain

$15.95 (172932)

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  • 4.34.3

Jan 07, 2012

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Monika  Janek
Monika Janek

For a wine at this price, you get a lot coming from the bottle. I just love a good tempranillo. Full-bodied with black fruit, spice and a slight tobacco on the finish. It has some good complexity. Lots of return on minimal investment. For those of us who are cash-strapped after the holidays, this is definitely a good find from the bargain bin!

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Heavy, medicinal and somewhat oily. It's got flavour to be sure - deep black current , cherry, and wood but it feels almost saccharin. Tannic sour cherry finish. Good length and the high alcohol is relatively well integrated. If you like heavy spicy wines like 7 deadly zins, you will enjoy this.

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Marc A
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