Castarède 20 Ans D'âge Xo Bas Armagnac, Ac (700ml)

Armagnac Armagnac
Southwest, France

$124.95 (260190)

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By the rules, XO Armagnac must have at least 6 years in oak. In Castarède's case, they massively over-deliver by ageing this XO a minimum of 20 years...This bronzed amber brandy has perfumed aromas of lavender, violets and jasmine. Still lively and structured with minerally, orchard fruit and vanilla flavours, it’s delicate and feminine in delivery. The finish is long and spiced. Its allure brings you back again and again for more sips from the alter of pleasure. Score: 95+ (Margaret Swaine,, Apr 2013)

5.0 Stars
December 08, 2012

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