Roche De Bellene Volnay Les Pitures 1er Cru 2008, Ac

Pinot Noir Pinot Noir
Burgundy, France

$29.95 (241083)

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  • 4.74.7

Nov 12, 2011

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Andrew Hunter
Andrew Hunter

Very tight nose opened to black cherry and herbs. I tasted this blind with a bunch of other less pricey pinots and this did not stand out. It's clear that this is a well made wine but it's very tight now, almost dead. There's elegance i suppose and perhaps some complexity that may come out with time, but very little going on right now. I highly suspect that the label and pedigree have inflated the rating of this wine. The emperor is missing some clothes. It's a good wine, but you can get more for much less.

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Edward Rasiulis
Edward Rasiulis

Medium ruby in colour with a medium intense nose.

Positives: An elegant Pinot showing some spruce, cranberry, sour cherry, raspberry, rhubarb & light earthiness. Light to medium body, medium minus tannins, good acidity & medium+ length.

Negatives: A touch too sour on the finish.

Drink now & a very food friendly wine that you can match with game fowl.

Tasted: 16 Sept 12

Score: 8.5+/10, Value: 8.5+/10, Total: 17.5/20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine: 3.5

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Wine 4  Me
Wine 4 Me

Light-bodied, with lean cranberry/tart cherry flavours. This is tight and firm but finishes with very sour notes and high acidity. For me, a completely joyless wine at the present. maybe time will improve this but I wouldn't bet on it. Really disappointing given the glowing reviews. Tasted Sept 2013.

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