Te Mata Coleraine 2007, Hawkes Bay

Red Blend Red Blend
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

$49.90 (640656)

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  • 4.84.8

Sep 17, 2011

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Bob Penney
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Paul Forget
Paul Forget

When we opened this wine, I thought that it might be oxidized, the foil was covered with dry wine, half of the top of the cork was covered with dry wine and two separated lines of wine were running the length of the cork, through to the top. The quality of the cork appeared very good and the length was good, but it might not have been as tight as it could have been. This wine opened up with aromas of black cherry, blackberry, blackcurrants, roasted coffee beans, damp earth, smoky, exotic spices, cedar and mineral notes. On the mouthfeel, medium-full bodied, bone dry with great structure and energy, balanced acidity and fine grainy tannins. A very good length on a long finish, with a rich combination of smoky dark fruit, minerals and mild tannins. A gorgeous Bordeaux blend (think Graves here), robust, yet approachable, this wine just keeps getting better the longer it breathes. This bottle was definitely not oxidized, who knows if I would have keep it for another year or two, but today, this wine was much enjoyed by all four of us.

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