Bonny Doon Vineyard Le Cigare Volant 2006, California

Red Blend Red Blend
California, Usa

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4.0 Stars
June 11, 2011

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Ryan Hindmarsh
Ryan Hindmarsh

The name and label of this wine honors a classic french story. In 1954 some wine producers were quite nervous about extraterrestrials. So, the council of Chateauneuf-du-Pape passed an ordinance prohibiting flying saucers or “Flying Cigars” as they called them from landing in they vineyards and damaging the vines. The law allowed for immediate impounding of any Flying Cigars (Le Cigare Volant) that dare to land on their grapes. Le Cigare is a blend of traditional Rhone grapes and it is out of this world. (cmon, I had too). Pair it with a well hung grilled ribeye from the boys at Gasparro’s.

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Tyler Philp
Tyler Philp

But for the pronounced black pepper spice on the finish, this wine is not unlike a high end Pinot Noir. I was chatting with founder and winemaker Randall Grahm online the other day and expressed exactly those thoughts to which he responded: “Cool. I can confess just between us that with every wine I make what I really want to be making is pinot noir.”
Transparency is the key here. Don’t expect a stylistic, over-blown California red; this reflects another place and another time. Earth-driven aromas intertwine with cinnamon and cherry. Across the palate, a medium body filled with cherry, raspberry, cracked pepper, and sage all demonstrate purity and clean lines. Nothing is masked by artificial additives or industrial meddling; this is a fantastic bottle of wine intended for those who prefer to think while they drink! Tasted Dec 2011.

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