Mike Weir Riesling 2008, VQA Niagara On The Lake

Riesling Riesling
Ontario, Canada

$14.95 (229286)

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3.0 Stars
February 18, 2012

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Gary Killops
Gary Killops

I first tasted this wine in a blind taste as part of a midterm wine exam I recently took and was so intrigued with it I ordered a case the next day. I’d go broke pretty quick if all Rieslings tasted like this one.

Highlighted by big, lively, crisp acidity rarely tasted to this degree and a mineral backbone this wine is in a class of its own and a steal at under $15. Extremely food friendly. A great buy if you can still find it.

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Francois Botha
Francois Botha

Apples, apricots, honey, terpentine, and floweriness on the nose. A racy acidity on the palate makes this a very drinkable wine. The aftertaste stays with you for a long, long time. Just about off-dry. Incredible wine at the price.

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