Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut Champagne, Ac

Champagne Champagne
Champagne, France

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4.0 Stars
June 13, 2015

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Monika  Janek
Monika Janek

This Champagne is just fantastic. It is beautifully integrated with great acidity and a long finish. There's so much going on in this sparkling gem. The aroma has lots of baked apple and bread but to those who don't enjoy the yeastiness of Champagne will enjoy this wine. The palate offers so many flavours and softness without overpowering yeast. This wine is definitely joining my collection...if it'll last that long. Yum!!

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Damian  Espinase
Damian Espinase

Outstanding Champagne, soft mousse and fine pearls. Pale golden in color. Intense and complex nose of toast, smoke, citrus and framboise. Autolitic in character. A rich walnut and almond note comes though from the back-blending technique. The house apparently holds cru classe wines in magnum to age for ten to fifteen years which are blended into the special cuvée. Creamy and robust champagne, very food friendly. Long length. Serious fizz with a unique individuality.

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Jason Chenier
Jason Chenier

Very nice and reasonably priced. Tasted December 2012.

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Philip Coville
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