Keint He Little Creek Pinot Noir 2007, Prince Edward County

Pinot Noir Pinot Noir
Ontario, Canada

$45.00 (Winery)

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The Keint-he Pinot Noir for 2007 was harvested from our Little Creek Vineyard, and was raised in oak barrels through elevage. The planting in this vineyard is among the highest density plantings in North America, with 3630 vines per acre … or about three times the density of most North American vineyards. It was organically tended in the field and the fermentation resulted from native yeast in the vineyard. Decanting two or three hours before serving is recommended. Additionally, the wine is unfined and unfiltered and does best when the bottle is stood upright for an hour or two prior to pouring. A perfect compliment for either duck or lamb. Available from the winery or by direct order at

This wine is featured in one of our "So, You Think You Know Wine?" videos.

4.0 Stars

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Dan Dickinson
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Jason Chenier
Jason Chenier

Such a nice wine. We picked up a bottle at the winery after seeing it featured by wine align in one of their episodes of "So You Think You Know Wine". In hindsight, I'm wishing we had of picked up a few more as I'm told that it is now completely sold out.

Flavours of cherries, blackberries, and leather. I also detected a slight smokiness. The tannins are nice and light, as is expected from a pinot. Excellent length on the finish. Tasted October 2012.

4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
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