Farnese Negroamaro 2008

Farnese Negroamaro 2008 Bottle

Other Red Other Red
Puglia, Italy

$8.25 (143735)

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  • 4.34.3


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Francois Botha
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Dan Trcka
Dan Trcka

Farnese Negroamaro 2008 is a medium bodied wine with fruity notes of strawberry and raspberry. It has subtle to refined tannins (no need for decanting) and a medium, smooth finish. It is to be drunk now, not to cellar. My impression: rather NICE, not complex yet enjoyable and especially at the price - 87 pts. I definitely recommend this wine especially with some sweets/chocolate. Tasted in Nov/10 during Italian wine tasting, where it was quite liked.

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Laurie Fox
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