Norman Hardie Winery

Norman Hardie Winery

Former Toronto sommelier and globe-trotting Pinot Noir winemaker Norman Hardie landed in the County in 2004, opening a small, innovative winery with a barrel cellar that is embedded underground in the limestone bedrock. His ten-hectare vineyard is all about low-yield Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, along with some surprisingly good aromatic varietals. Hardie is a hyper-attentive yet naturalist winemaker, striving for taut, complex, mineral-driven wines. His wines have garnered much international acclaim and now can be found in fine restaurants and wine boutiques in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Alberta, Quebec and shortly in New York. Artisanal wood fired thin crust pizza will be served on weekends in the summer.

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Norman Hardie
Winemaker: Norman Hardie
Winemakers's choice: County Pinot Noir
Best Brand: County Pinot Noir

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