Thirty Bench Wine Makers

Thirty Bench Wine Makers

On Thursday, November 19th, WineAlign and Thirty Bench Wine Makers are pleased to present a special winemaker’s dinner celebrating the 2015 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada’s Best Performing Small Winery.

One of the first true boutique wineries in Niagara, with vineyards first planted in 1980, Thirty Bench has hit full stride in the last few years with the focus on small lots of low-yield, handcrafted wines. The winery has earned numerous accolades, including two Cuvée Golds (2010) and two consecutive top-10 finishes at the Canadian Wine Awards. Single-block, old-vine Rieslings are the soul of Thirty Bench; equally fine reds and Chardonnays have also emerged since the 2005 vintage.

A visit to the wood-clad winery, or joining their mailing list, is the best way to access the winery’s new and library wines.

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Emma Garner
Winemaker: Emma Garner
Winemakers's choice: Small Lot Rieslings

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