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At WineAlign, Steve Thurlow is a principal critic and partner mainly interested in the wines for sale at LCBO in Ontario. He is also responsible for the organization of Canada's 2 most influential annual wine competitions. The World Wine Awards of Canada (WWAC), open to all wines that sell for less than $50 no matter their origin and the National Wine Awards of Canada (NWAC) only open to wines produced in Canada.

He was a contributor to Wine Access, Canada’s national wine magazine from 2001 until it ceased publication in 2013. With Anthony Gismondi he co-founded the International Value Wine Awards, the precursor of WWAC. He tastes thousands of wines each year and travels extensively all over the world of wine.

Many years ago he was an importer of wine, but today Steve concerns himself with his wine education and communication business, Wine for Life. He leads groups of wine lovers on several travel trips each year to explore the wine, food, culture and history of places such as Sicily, Chile, Argentina, Greece, New Zealand, South Africa and the wine regions that lie along the Danube. Go to to find out more.

Wine for Life is also involved in the training and education of hotel and restaurant wine staff and wine agency personnel. Additionally, Steve frequently conducts wine information sessions in Toronto for wine lovers.

Steve is the Education Director for IWEG, which delivers the International WSET education program in Ontario. IWEG has been educating the trade and wine lovers since 1977. Graduates of IWEG are amongst the “Who’s Who” of the Ontario and Canadian Alcohol Beverage Industries.

In the past he spent much time organizing Toronto's annual international wine festivals. Steve was on the executive team of the Santé wine festival from 2003 to 2008.

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