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There is no right or wrong about what wines you like, or how you enjoy them. But a critic should not reflect personal preferences. Helpful criticism is about knowing quality, rating it objectively and describing any wine based on tasting thousands of wines of all types. I have been doing that since 1986 for the Globe and Mail, Wine Access, Toronto Life and now WineAlign, the best vehicle yet created for comprehensive, democratic wine reviewing. I define quality as pure, balanced and generous expression of origin and winemaking intent - and I have met winemakers with both noble and crassly commercial intent. Price usually does reflect quality, but price should not be factored into ratings. What I can afford , or you can afford, has nothing to do with what the price should be. And finding and recommending the best value wines - at any price - is my mandate and my great pleasure. With WineAlign your chances of finding pleasure in very good wine at the price you can afford just got a whole lot better.


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Piper Heidsieck Brut, Champagne Bottle
Piper Heidsieck Brut, Champagne
Champagne, France
Review added: December 09, 2008
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$59.90 High
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