The WineAlign Exchange invites you to share in one of Spain’s best kept-secrets. Rueda is the country’s best-selling white wine. Verdejo leads the charge in Rueda accounting for much of the production with sauvignon blanc playing an increasingly important role. This is an all-white wine case showcasing the stylistic differences in this dynamic region from vibrant and nervy Verdejo to rich and complex with barrel aged character along with a pure sauvignon blanc in the mix. The team of critics at WineAlign are pleased to offer an insiders take on the wines of Rueda in a special edition curated Passport case. The cases are expected to be delivered in mid-September 2021. The 12 bottle case (6×2) costs $317 plus delivery.

As an added bonus, there will be an Insider’s Look at the White Wines of Rueda Happy Hour on October 14th at 6pm on Zoom featuring these wines. So, grab a glass or two of wine from this case (that will have arrived at your doorstep by then) and join Sara d’Amato and John Szabo (as well as a few of the featured wineries) as they take you through the wines and history of this region. Register here.

Delivery fees are estimated at $17 in Ontario (shipping locations, fees & COVID-19 update).

Read more about these wines and this region in Sara’s article: Rueda’s Revival.

The Wines Varietal Appellation Country Bottles
Javier Sanz V Malcorta 2020 Verdejo D.O. Rueda  Spain 2
José Pariente Verdejo 2020 Verdejo D.O. Rueda  Spain 2
Protos Verdejo 2020 Verdejo D.O. Rueda  Spain 2
Nekora By Diez Siglos 2020 Verdejo D.O. Rueda  Spain 2
Sapientia Verdejo Ecologico 2020 Verdejo D.O. Rueda  Spain 2
Castelo De Medina Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Sauvignon Blanc D.O. Rueda  Spain 2

The Details:

The Passport – Rueda case is scheduled to ship in mid-September 2021. In order to know the number of committed participants, we require a $100 refundable deposit to secure every order.

Okay, let’s do this! I’m ready to order the Passport Case – Rueda.  The 12 bottle (6×2) case is $317 plus delivery fees. The price includes all taxes and our $25 procurement, admin & repackaging fee.

Delivery fees are estimated at $17 Ontario (shipping locations, fees & COVID-19 update). We use professional wine couriers, not Canada Post..

Due to LCBO import purchasing restrictions we need to have total orders which are a multiple of 6.

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