Sake Regionality

To celebrate Kampai Toronto, an annual sake festival that usually takes place every spring, the Sake Institute of Ontario (SIO) is pleased to offer an exclusive mixed case exploring sake’s regionality. These six exceptional sakes, including a few new-to-market releases, are crafted by some of Japan’s most esteemed breweries and our local Ontario Spring Water Sake Co. The price for this Mixed Sake case is $278 + delivery. In solidarity with one of SIO’s main cultural partners, a donation of $15 will be presented to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre with the purchase of each mixed case to help the Center maintain its valued services during the Covid-19 disruption.

While you wait for your Spirit of Kampai Mixed Sake Case to arrive, please join us for a special Webinar. On Thursday, June 18 at 7:30pm EST Sake Samurai Michael Tremblay and a panel of sake experts will lead you through an immersive experience into sake’s regional history, trends, and ingredients. Registration for the webinar is free and available here.

The Sakes Country Region Size
Masumi “Origarami” Pet-Nat Sparkling
Just launched, limited-production and made in a Pet-Nat style
Japan Nagano 750ml
Izumi “Summer Equinox” Arabashiri Junmai Muroka Nama Chozo
Arabashiri, the limited first press using gravity
Canada Toronto 375ml
U Yoshidagura Yamahai Junmai
The brewery behind the documentary The Birth of Saké,
showcasing 100% Ishikawa terroir
Japan Ishikawa 720ml
Sakura Muromachi Bizen Omachi Junmai Ginjo
Made using Japan’s oldest heirloom rice, Omachi
Japan Okayama 300ml
Shichida “75” Junmai Muroka
Brewed with Yamadanishiki, the king of sake rice, and
crafted for versatility in temperature and food pairing.
Japan Saga 720ml
Katsuyama “Ken” Junmai Ginjo
IWC 2019 Champion Sake made with Yamadanishiki
Japan Miyagi 720ml


The Details:

Spirit of Kampai Mixed Sake Case ships late June ($278/6 bottle case + delivery fees). In order to know the number of committed participants, we require a $100 refundable deposit to secure every order.

Okay, let’s do this! I’m ready to order a Spirit of Kampai Mixed Sake Case. The final case price will be about $278/6 bottle case + delivery fees. The price includes all taxes and our $20 procurement, admin, storage & repackaging fee.

Delivery fees are estimated at $18 Ontario (shipping locations & fees). We use professional wine couriers, not Canada Post..

Due to LCBO import purchasing restrictions we need to have total orders which are a multiple of 6.

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