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Please note that we will be posting the results of the 2017 National Wine Awards of Canada in mid to late July. Wineries will be notified of their results before we publish them.


The WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada (NWAC) are held annually in June. Each year the country’s leading wine writers and sommeliers gather somewhere in Canadian wine country to evaluate the current crop of Canadian grown wines and ciders. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded in some two dozen categories, with medal rankings further determining Winery of the Year, Best Performing Small Winery of the Year, and the country’s Top Twenty performing wineries based on their top five wines.

In 2017, the judging will take place June 15–19 in Wolfville in the heart of Nova Scotia wine country.

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“For seventeen years David (Lawrason) and I have endeavoured to take the National Wine Awards to a part of Canadian wine country with the hope of inspiring the region to be part of an annual ritual in which some the country’s finest wine tasters gather to assess the current crop of Canadian wines,” says co-head judge Anthony Gismondi. “What we have discovered in return along the many backroads of Canada’s vineyards has been equally inspiring to our team of judges and organisers. We can’t wait to visit Wolfville again and be at the centre of Atlantic Canada’s food and wine culture and to meet the many characters that have been tasked with telling its compelling story to the world.”

Co-head judge David Lawrason agrees, “There has been a palpable energy emanating from the Nova Scotia wine industry in recent years, much like the energy within the sparkling wines and Tidal Bay whites that are now defining the region. Every one of our judges can’t wait for our time in Nova Scotia to tap into that vibe and experience some down home Atlantic hospitality. Get ready!”

“The Winery Association of Nova Scotia is truly excited to host the WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada here in the Annapolis Valley in June,” says Gillian Mainguy, of the Winery Association of Nova Scotia. “Following on the heels of the Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium, which takes place in Halifax June 11-13, hosting the WineAlign awards is a fantastic opportunity for our wineries to share the Wines of Nova Scotia with a wider audience of key influencers.”

The National Wine Awards of Canada are for ciders too! If you are a Canadian-based cidery that utilizes Canadian grown apples and fruit, then you can enter the National Wine Awards of Canada. This year, we have added several more cider categories to ensure that your ciders are treated appropriately.

Those interested in following the judges and seeing all our reactions to the wines and ciders, and gaining greater insight into the week’s activities can do so via the Twitter hashtag: #NWAC17.

“The goal of ‘The Nationals’ has always been to bring together the best of Canadian wines and wine critics under one roof,” says Anthony Gismondi. “We have seen some amazing growth in the entire Canadian wine industry since we first met in 2000 and each year we can’t wait to get together to grab a snapshot in time of the state of Canadian wine. The results are an invaluable guide for consumers and producers when it comes to finding out who is making the best wine in the country.”

Speaking of results, we have sped up the final reporting process to get the results to all participating wineries and cideries sooner allowing you maximize your ability to market your wines and wineries throughout the busy late summer and fall season. Full results, including Canadian Winery of the Year and Best Performing Small Winery of the Year, will be published on WineAlign by the end of July.

Four years ago we instituted the first full integration of the results into the WineAlign website, in effect creating a lasting virtual medal for all winning participants, so we will post silver, gold, and platinum wine notes on WineAlign (many in both French and English), along with high-quality bottle images. Combined with the reach of WineAlign, and our growing expansion into Quebec, the potential audience size for the results will far exceed two million.

We look forward to seeing your wines and ciders in the Nova Scotia.

Anthony Gismondi and David Lawrason

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