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‘The Icons Vol 3 ’ Case by Nicholas Pearce Wines is a mixed case of three exceptional wines (2 bottles of each) from iconic regions of Italy. A collection that truly showcases some of the most historic and well known regions and styles in the world.

Taste the wines of Barolo, Barbaresco and Amarone and take your wine experience to a whole new level.

This impressive collection is created for those who are looking to delve deeper into the exciting world of wine and is perfect if you’re starting a cellar or even adding to one. Treat yourself and enjoy this carefully selected mixed case of wines that will take you on a journey with each glass. Please place your order by June 21st and we will start packing/shipping on June 26th.

The final case price will be $480/case (3×2, 6-pack) plus delivery. Delivery fees are estimated at $25 in Ontario (shipping locations & fees).

About us:

Working with industry-leading sommeliers, restaurants, and international winemakers, Nicholas Pearce Wines has been leading the way, with a focus on hospitality and customer service for over a decade. Their highly motivated, professional team of sommeliers and wine lovers source boutique, handcrafted wines from around the world for their clients and customers. NPW Portfolio is exclusive to Ontario wine drinkers and they provide a wide selection in all price points, many priced under $25 per bottle. Stay home, stay safe and drink great wine.


The Wines* Vintage Country Region Grape Varieties  Bottles
Punset Barbaresco Basarin Riserva DOCG 2014 Italy Piemonte Nebbiolo 2
Réva Barolo DOCG 2016 Italy Piemonte Nebbiolo 2
Ca del Monte Amarone Classico DOCG Superiore 2010 Italy Veneto Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella 2



The Details:

The Icons Vol 3 case from Nicholas Pearce (3×2, 6 pack) ships in late-June 2020 ($480/case).

In order to know the number of committed participants, we require a $100 refundable deposit to secure every order.  All credit card charges through the Exchange will show up with the WINE- prefix on your credit card statement. For every case that is processed through the WineAlign Exchange there will be three charges on your credit card: WINE-Deposit, WINE-Purchase and WINE-Reconcile & Ship.

Okay, let’s do this! I’m ready to order The Icons Vol 3. The final case price will be about $480/case (3×2, 6-pack). The $480 target price includes all taxes and our $20 curation, admin, storage & handling fee.

Delivery fees are estimated at $25 Ontario (shipping locations & fees). We use professional wine couriers, wherever possible..

Due to LCBO import purchasing restrictions we need to have total orders which are a multiple of 3.

Still have questions? Visit the Exchange FAQ.

*Wines are subject to change without notice.