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Discover the Best of British Columbia

To help support the winery communities across Canada at this time, we have carefully selected an exceptional case of the best wines of British Columbia for a special price of $457/case plus delivery.  Delivery fees are estimated at $25 in Ontario (shipping locations & fees). The case is expected to ship in late May 2020.

WineAlign partner David Lawrason handled the final curation of the B.C. Discovery Case and had this to say about it:

At 49 to almost 51 degrees latitude, B.C.s very northerly, shorter growing season is balanced out by long summer days with hot, dry interior temperatures. The 200km Okanagan Valley is the engine, presenting incredibly diverse conditions that compare to Germany in the north and Spain in the south – with many grape varieties and styles working in between. In fact, the Valley is now being divided into official VQA sub-regions – some already named on the labels like Golden Mile, others likely become official in the not too distant future, like Okanagan Falls and Naramata Bench.

The cooler northern regions of Lake Country, East Kelowna and West Kelowna are making very fine rieslings, chardonnays and pinot noirs. The moderate central Okanagan regions like Summerland, Naramata, Skaha and Okanagan Falls make a wider range but chardonnay, pinot gris, pinot noir and gewürztraminer stand out, with bigger reds found in warmer pockets. The south Okanagan has emerged as the hot spot for B.C.’s big reds – merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, syrah and blends thereof.

But the Okanagan is not the only region making fine wine. The neighbouring Similkameen Valley, is the #2 producer in B.C. earning a reputation for impressive big reds with structure and minerality from benches on the east side of the valley, as well as fine rieslings. Elsewhere in the interior new VQA regions that share the same general rain shadow effect are coming on stream. North of the Okanagan centred on Kamloops there is Thompson River, Lilloet and Shuswap, which grow cool climate varieties. In Southeastern B.C. near Creston Kootenays is yet another new VQA region. Out on the coast, Vancouver Island and The Gulf Islands are ramping up with excellent sparkling wines, pinot gris, pinot noirs and aromatic whites, the latter also doing well in the Fraser Valley (the coolest region of B.C.).

The Discovery Case has been assembled to provide to provide a cross-section of varieties, style and sub-regions of the Okanagan and the rest of B.C. No matter the origin, you will discover wines of generosity and brightness, made by people very proud and passionate.

The Wines: Vintage Region/Appellation
SpearHead White Pinot Noir 2019 Okanagan Valley
Quails’ Gate Chardonnay Stewart Family Reserve 2017 Okanagan Valley
Phantom Creek Pinot Gris 2017 Okanagan Valley
Little Farm Mulberry Tree Riesling 2016 Similkameen Valley
Meyer McLean Creek Vineyard Chardonnay 2018 Okanagan Valley
Privato Woodward Collection Tesoro Pinot Noir 2016 Thompson River Valley
Le Vieux Pin Cuvee Violette Syrah 2018 Okanagan Valley
Moon Curser Malbec 2018 Okanagan Valley
Daydreamer Rosé 2018 Okanagan Valley
Vanessa Vineyard Syrah 2016 Similkameen Valley
Fitzpatrick Fitz Brut 2016 Okanagan Valley
Road 13 GSM 2017 Okanagan Valley



The Details:

The B.C. Discovery Case (mixed 12-pack) ships in early May 2020 ($457/case + delivery fees). In order to know the number of committed participants, we require a $100 refundable deposit to secure every order. All credit card charges through the Exchange will show up with the WINE- prefix on your credit card statement. For every case that is processed through the WineAlign Exchange there will be three charges on your credit card: WINE-Deposit, WINE-Purchase and WINE-Reconcile & Ship.

Okay, let’s do this!  I’m ready to order The B.C. Discovery Case. The final price will be about $457/ plus delivery fees. The $457 price includes all taxes and our $25 curation, admin, storage & repackaging fee. Wines are expected to ship in late May 2020.


Due to purchasing restrictions we need to have total orders which are a multiple of 12.

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