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At 47 degrees latitude, with the vast Atlantic on one shore and the miraculous, tidal Bay of Fundy on the other, the tiny vineyards of the Annapolis and Gaspereau Valleys face climatic odds. Yet the rain shadow of North Mountain and other pockets of refuge make wines with uncommon brightness, veracity and zest.  Nova Scotia sparklers are turning heads internationally, while crisp, light Tidal Bay whites capture hearts locally, and brave experiments with French varieties like chardonnay and pinot noir by savvy winemakers are causing a stir. The Nova Scotia Discovery case includes the best, bravest and brightest.

To help support the winery communities across Canada at this time, we have pulled together an exceptional case of the Best wines of Nova Scotia for a special price of $389/case plus delivery. Delivery fees are estimated at $25 in Ontario (shipping locations & fees). The case is expected to ship in late April 2020.

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WineAlign partner Michael Godel handled the final curation and procurement of the Best of Nova Scotia Case and had this to say:

The wines from Nova Scotia are the newest real deal, fervidly expensive to those who don’t yet understand them, free to those who do. They are poised to join the ranks along with Canada’s best. They come from a compact area in surround of the Bay of Fundy and the roads that lead to the dozen or so wineries lay out as an inferential and navigable labyrinth. They take in the Gaspereau Valley and the shores of the Minas Basin, from Wolfville to Grand-Pré and Avonport of King’s County, through Port Williams and Kingsport upwards on the Blomidon Peninsula. Nova Scotia is second only to Champagne for making the kind of sparkling wine we should and will want to drink. No disrespect intended to Franciacorta, Alta Lange, Prosecco, Crèmant de Loire, Bourgogne, Jura or d’Alsace, Sonoma County, Ontario, British Columbia, Tasmania, England or South Africa’s Méthode Cap Classique. Nova Scotia can raise grapes for traditional method sparkling wine in ways and with results that blow everything else out of the proverbial water.

In this part of Canada vinifera varietals like chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier can linger well in the autumn months, reach brix levels ideal for sparkling wine and still maintain acidities at levels all other regions can only dream of. The effect of the Bay of Fundy creates a unique environment, plain, simple and complex. Imagine adding up the flow of all the rivers in the world and asking that accumulation to submit to the power of one body of water’s tides that lower and rise as much as 17 metres every day. The Bay is like an air pump that moderates climate. If anyone in Canada has ever taken a grower’s approach to sparkling wine I cannot say and these bubbles from Nova Scotia are in a class where the sky is the limit. Hybrids and local varieties will continue to be a part of the stratagem because in the unpredictable climate of Nova Scotia’s wine growing regions that is a necessity, but it’s what chardonnay and pinot noir will do that will put the province on the map and the world’s stage. Tidal Bay is the appellative white blend that has found amazing qualitative and commercial success. These Bay of Fundy/Minas Basin east coast wonders are true Canadian wines of quality and efficiency.

The Wines: Vintage
Avondale Sky Benediction 2016
Benjamin Bridge Méthode Classique Brut 2014
Benjamin Bridge Rosé Méthode Classique N/V
Blomidon Estate Winery Brut Réserve Méthode Traditionnelle 2011
Domaine de Grand Pré Tidal Bay 2018
Gaspereau Vineyards Riesling 2018
Jost Vineyards L’Acadie Blanc Riesling 2018
L’Acadie Vineyards Vintage Cuvée Certified Organic 2017
Lightfoot & Wolfville Ancienne Pinot Noir 2017
Luckett Vineyards Phone Box Red 2017
Mercator Vineyards Tidal Bay 2019
Planters Ridge Heritage Red 2017



The Details:

The Discover the Best of Nova Scotia 12-pack ships in early May 2020 ($389/case + delivery fees). In order to know the number of committed participants, we require a $100 refundable deposit to secure every order. All credit card charges through the Exchange will show up with the WINE- prefix on your credit card statement. For every case that is processed through the WineAlign Exchange there will be three charges on your credit card: WINE-Deposit, WINE-Purchase and WINE-Reconcile & Ship.

Okay, let’s do this!  I’m ready to order The Discover The Best of Nova Scotia mixed 12 pack. The final price will be about $389/ plus delivery fees. The $389 price includes all taxes and our $25 curation, admin, storage & repackaging fee. Wines are expected to ship in early May 2020.

Delivery fees are estimated at $25 Ontario (shipping locations & fees). We use professional wine couriers, wherever possible..

Due to purchasing restrictions we need to have total orders which are a multiple of 12.

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