Introducing Our TASTINGS Service

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We are pleased to introduce our Tasting service to have wines reviewed in a professional, objective and timely manner. Our Tastings service allows agencies and wineries to get a wine reviewed by up to five LCBO accredited wine writers and published on WineAlign at the cost of only one sample, one delivery fee and a small administration fee.

To cover our costs associated with these tastings (receiving, storing, handling and removal of bottles and boxes, writer fees, adding wines to our database, admin, etc.), we will be charging a small administration fee for each wine received, added and reviewed via this new service. These paid tastings will take priority over unsolicited samples dropped off at the office.

Since you are paying and this is a service, you can be assured that your wines will be reviewed in a timely manner. We will review, rate, and publish, all wines and all reviews (from “not recommended” to “outstanding”). All reviews will be subject to our normal editorial practices.

To create economies of scale for agencies and wineries, we’re offering a pre-purchased, bundled approach.

Wines   Price/Wine   Total  
1 $40 $40
10 $35 $350
25 $33 $825
50 $30 $1,500

We will track and record every wine that comes into our office. We’ll also track the number of pre-purchased Tasting credits you have with us and inform you when your current Tasting credits are used up.

Because our writers (used to and hopefully will again soon) attend many events and travel extensively to keep their palates and perspectives sharp, there is no guarantee that all writers will be at every tasting. However, wines will always be scored by more than one writer.

For those who are working with us already as an Exchange, marketing or advertising partner, we have a formula in place (5 tasting per $1,000 of revenue) to ensure that the money you spend with us contributes to the number of tasting credits you have with us.   


How do I submit wines?

Submitting wines is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Purchase your tasting credits here. You will receive an invoice via email within a day or two after purchasing your credits.

2) Tell us what wines you are submitting by downloading and filling out this spreadsheet and emailing it to us at [email protected]. Click to download spreadsheet here.

3) Send the wines to our world headquarters in Etobicoke. 

c/o WineAlign
217 – 4195 Dundas St. West
Toronto, ON, M8X 1Y4

When delivering samples, please knock loudly, once you hear us acknowledge you, please leave the package on the floor outside the door. We will bring it in. 

When will the wine be reviewed?

Our goal is within two to three weeks.

How will I know when a wine is reviewed?

Each time a review is added at WineAlign the admin contact for your agency/winery gets an email with a link to the wine and review(s). To update your admin contact for reviews or sample requests send an email to [email protected] .

How can I get a review deleted?

Our long-standing policy regarding deleting reviews will stay in place. If an agency or winery finds a review to be poorly written (no one is perfect) or suspects a faulty bottle, we will remove the review(s) temporarily, provided another sample is sent promptly. We will sample the wine again and the new review(s) will stand. Please email us at [email protected] .

Note: There’s been some confusion and mischaracterization about this service in the marketplace. Here is a statement from our writers to our readers regarding our new Tastings service.

If you have further questions, please contact [email protected] .