Organized Crime Winery (The)

Organized Crime Winery (The)

When Jan and Krystyna Tarasewicz opened their boutique winery in 2006 in the heart of the Beamsville Bench, they turned heads with the name on their label- and with the lively, fruit-focused wines in the bottle. Far from glorifying mobsters, the name stems from a now-humorous incident between feuding Mennonite families. You'll have to visit the winery (or their whimsical website) for details. Consulting winemaker Andrzej Lipinski crafts powerful whites and, reds that catch pure expression of their grapes, with some interesting appassimento bottlings partially made from dried grapes. Don't miss the 2009 Gewurztraminer, Fume Blanc, Pinot Noir and red Bordeaux blend called Download.

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Andrzej Lipinski
Winemaker: Andrzej Lipinski

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