Le Clos Du Caillou Bouquet Des Garrigues 2014, Côtes Du Rhône

Rhone Red Blend Rhone Red Blend
Rhône, France

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Critic Reviews (1)

Nadia  Fournier
Nadia Fournier

Composed of 85% Grenache, the 2014 unfolds in the mouth freshness. The color is pale and perfume is more like fresh...

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Community Reviews (1)

Da  Ne
Da Ne

This 85% grenache is beautifully balanced. Dominated by sweet strawberry aromas and flavors (very much like those grown in Quebec, small and ripe, not those giant sour mutant Costco types), it screams southern rhone grenahce. The pure fruit flavors are complimented by Mediterranean herbs, its mouth coating texture is enhanced by mineral notes and spice brought about (probably) by the syrah (10%) and perhaps the small amounts of mourvedre and carignan. High alcohol and full body yet light, nimble and juicy, with hardly any residual heat on the palate.

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