Bacalhoa Moscatel De Setúbal 2001

Moscato D'asti Moscato d'Asti

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Neil Phillips
Neil Phillips

Brandy-fortified wine from the Moscatel grape to about 17% ABV, macerated for months, then aged in oak barrels for three years in varying temperature conditions - this is a unique dessert wine.

With aging, this had taken on caramel brown hues.

Aromas of mandarin orange, honey and toffee.

On the palate, sweet but acid holding it nicely balanced. Fruit very much in evidence, candied orange peel, with a slight spicy marmalade note on the long, luscious finish.

Needless to say, this aged beautifully, and was an amazing treat at such great value. Definitely something to forget in the cellar for a decade!

Tasted November 2015.

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