Jean Bourdy Côtes Du Jura 2011

Red Blend Red Blend
Jura, France

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Community Reviews (2)

Jesse Pisanelli
Jesse Pisanelli

Excellent, sublte animal, cherry, spice and "juraesque" nose. On the palate, much the same, this is elegant and refined. The 2012 is far more aromatic and palate coating. Both are fantastic

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Neil Phillips
Neil Phillips

One-third each of Poulsard, Pinot Noir and Trousseau, co-fermented. Aged four years in oak.

Very pale red with slight garnet - resembling a Clairet.

Nose of slight mustiness, dried herbs, tart cherry, earthy mushrooms.

On the palate, more structure than you'd expect from the appearance. Flavours of tart cherry, rosemary, dried tomato. Medium- weight; though the finish stays longer with an ever-so-slightly grippy tannin/acid end. Nicely balanced, food-friendly wine.

You don't often find these on our shores, so when you do - worth picking up this unique wine.

Tasted October 2016.

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