Ravine Vineyards Sand & Gravel Chardonnay 2014, Niagara Peninsula

Chardonnay Chardonnay
Ontario, Canada

$17.95 (Winery)

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Neil Phillips
Neil Phillips

Both barrel fermented and aged, the nose on this Chardonnay is bold. Strong aromas of juicy cantaloupe, pineapple, creamy milk toffee, lanolin, and applesauce underneath.

Creamy mouthfeel on the palate, alcohol and acidity nicely keep the fruit in check, though still a vibrant collection of flavours. Nectarine, peach, slight resin/mineral note from barrel, apple comes through after mid-palate, and finishes with a citrus note. A little more acid might hold it a bit longer.

This is a pleasant Chardonnay, versatile with a lot of summer dishes, or delightful on its own.

Tasted May 2015.

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