Hernder Estate Baco Noir 2012, VQA Niagara Peninsula

Baco Noir Baco Noir
Ontario, Canada


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Neil Phillips
Neil Phillips

Baco Noir is a hybrid grape - a cross between the French Folle Blanche and a North American Vitis riparia. Originally intended to be hardy in cold climates, much of it has since been pulled as vitis vinifera success became the norm in North America. Today, it hangs on in Ontario, now considered something of a "local variety".

Some love the jammy red fruit and spice, others find it a bit overpowering.

This is a fairly well-made classic example, with a fair bit of time in oak. Strong cooked fruit on the palate, with savoury stewed mid-palate and slightly sour finish.

Tasted February 2016.

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