Pelee Island Baco Noir VQA 2007

Baco Noir Baco Noir
Ontario, Canada

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April 04, 2008

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Gary Killops
Gary Killops

Review of Pelee Island baco Noir 2007 VQA.

As the winemaker suggests this is a full body wine and should be paired with with game meats, roast beef or steak. They also recommend with this wine would be good with pastas with tomato meat sauces so we had it with lagasana.

It is a very good wine, and I am glad we did not try this one on its own without a meal. I did open the bottle about an hour before dinner to let it breath a bit. The price is excellent.

If you are having friends over for a pasta dinner Pelee Island Winery’s Baco Noir is a good choice.

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