Château Coupe Roses 2012

Other White Other White
Languedoc-Roussillon, France

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SAQ 894519 $22.30
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Critic Reviews (1)

Bill Zacharkiw
Bill Zacharkiw

A white wine lover's white wine, if that makes any sense. Not at all exuberant aromatically, maybe some pineapple and...

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Community Reviews (1)

Ellie  Moss
Ellie Moss

If you're going to drink this one cold, don't drink it. Give it to someone else. It should be 12-16 degrees to enjoy the aromas, richness and spice this wine has to offer. Texture is buttery, cut off with dried orange peel, hint of cloves, and a minerality that resonates and lasts. There is also a subtle element of spruce on the finish. My boyfriend reminded me of this wine for a rainy, cool, summer evening. I wish I could sip on it by a camp fire with the ocean waves crashing in the background. Perfect wine to pack for when all the ice has melted in the cooler.

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