Le Vieux Pin Petit Rouge 2011, VQA Okanagan Valley

Red Blend Red Blend
British Columbia, Canada

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BC VQA 619593 $20.96
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Community Reviews (1)

Ed Whitebone
Ed Whitebone

Really was wanting to enjoy this but sadly other than a small bit of dark fruit with a fair amount of drying tannins that was about it.

Mostly Syrah and Merlot with some Gamay Noir and over a year in oak.

2011 was the vintage with the second lowest amount of degree days, phenolic ripeness came way before sugar development. Maybe 13 months in oak wasn't really needed.

I've back blended in some cheap Copper Moon red wine.

Update: This through a very nice amount of sediment and today is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Ed Sullivan show appearance

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