The Winemakers' Collection Cuvée No. 3 2007, Cuvée No. 3: Andrea Franchetti

Bordeaux Left Bank Bordeaux-Left Bank
Bordeaux, France

$27.75 (102301)

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88 pts
October 15, 2011

Critic Reviews (1)

David Lawrason
David Lawrason

One hopes winemaker photos on the label do not catch on. Is this guy for real? He reminds of a news anchor or hair...

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Community Reviews (1)

Edward Rasiulis
Edward Rasiulis

A cloudy medium+ garnet to ruby in colour with a medium minus intense nose.

An easy drinking Bordeaux wine that is worth the clearance price.

Positives: This wine is more in the tertiary phase presenting soft oak, mushroom, sage, turmeric, thyme, fennel, leather, graphite, arugula with some blackberry, plum and dark cherry. Medium body with medium to medium+ tannins, good acidity and a long length.

Negatives: None

Interesting Notes: Chateau D’Arsac has an interesting concept by having a wine maker throughout the world carve out his/her knish by using their technique from start to finish, but the only constant is that it comes from the terroir of Chateau D’Arsac. This is Cuvée 3 comes from the Italian winemaker Andrea Franchetti, whose picture is on the label. On a blind I would have guessed it to be a Tuscan IGT wine.

Drink now on its own or pair it with Beef Wellington.

Tasted: 4 May 13

Score: 9/10, Value: 8.5 (Clearance price 9/10) Total: 17.5/20

Out of 5 stars, I rated this wine: 3.5+

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