Domaine Bories Tradition Madiran 2007, Ac

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Southwest, France

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May 28, 2011

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Gary Killops
Gary Killops

I recently discovered wines from Madiran while in a class on "Bitterness in wines".

I like my coffee black, so I like bitterness on my palate so this was a sure bet for me when it arrived this week in the latest Vintages release at the LCBO.

While not as astringent as I was expecting, I was pleasantly surprised that it did offer a generous amount of acidity which seemed to keep things in balance.

Very food friend wine. Cherry, plum, and blackberry fruit, Grippy tannins, and mouth-watering acidity support a long finish.

While mostly Tannat, there is also some Cab Sauvignon and Cab France blended in. Good BBQ wine this summer.

Worth a try!

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