Franz Kuenstler Hocheimer Kirchenstuck Erstes Gewaechs 2008

Riesling Riesling


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Christian Dreher
Christian Dreher

I sampled this wine durring a Strauswirtschaft at the winery and was amazed at the zippy acidity and lovely floral peachy aromas. An Erstes Gewaechs (translating to First Growth) is ripened to Auslese levels and vinified dry, giving these wines an unctuous, almost Alsation quality. I would say this richnesbecame more apparent as the wine aged and the acidity mellowed out. Beeswax and paraffin (sadly losing that seductive floral note) as well as some baking spices found on the nose. This wine could have had another 5 yrs in the cellar but was was in great form when paired with sweetbreads.

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