Vignoble Ste Petronille Voile De La Mariée 2017

White Blend White Blend
Quebec, Canada

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Vignoble Petronille sits on the north shore of Ile d'Orlean, a bucolic orchard and vineyard enclave moderated by the flow of the St. Lawrence River minutes from Quebec City. Just under 10 hectares are planted to ten varieties - seven whites (including riesling, chardonnay, pinot gris) and notably vandal-cliche, bred in Quebec to withstand very cold winters. The vandal cliche vines here were planted in 1988, the oldest in Canada. The three reds are also cool climate varieties bred in Minnesota, including marquette. The winery makes about 5,000 cases per year. Canadian Wine Insider.
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David Lawrason
David Lawrason

This impressive and inexpensive blend combines 75% vandal cliche and vidal. Vandal Cliche is an intriguing variety...

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