Colomé Torrontés 2016, Calchaquí Valley, Salta

Torrontés Torrontés
Salta, Argentina

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Trevor Sabourin
Trevor Sabourin

This is an elegant, fresh, and fragrant wine. The grapes were grown at 1700 meters above sea level. It has fairly intense fruit and floral aromas of white grapefruit, green apple, orange blossom, and honeysuckle, with hints of tangerine, melon, nutmeg, white pepper, and minerals. On the palate there is more pithy grapefruit, and the spice and mineral component become more intense. It has some bitterness (typical of torrontes), and a slightly oily texture, but these work nicely along with a medium-high acidity for a nicely balanced wine. The finish is quite long, with pithy citrus and minerality lingering. Quite lovely and expressive. Tasted Sept. 2017.

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