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It's been my experience that wine is a passionate subject and a lot of people out there writing about wine and food write as though they are passionless. There is no excitement in their words and frankly, I don't want to read about wine from a person who doesn't sound excited. Which is why I started my food and wine blog and if you spoke with anyone who knows me, they would tell you that my passion for wine is a bit out of control (in a good way).

I'm not a writer by trade, I'm a marketing manager and social media specialist. You may be curious how I'm qualified to give opinions on wine? In this arena, my degrees and work experience really don't matter, but what is important is that I've studied wine in a proper school (George Brown College Culinary Arts Program). I'm not a sommelier nor do I have any desires to be one, but I have spent a lot of time studying wine itself and food pairings. I'm seriously committed to wine, and to growing the population who drinks wine. It's my opinion that the more people who drink wine, the better it is for the industry and ultimately, all wine lovers.

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