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I am an artist and I also love to cook and drinking wine. Wine is my passion. I have lived in Europe 13 years and I was lucky enough to have such wonderful wines at much cheaper prices then Canada. My fav wines are from Piedmonte Italy (I adore the Nebbiolo grape: Barolo and Barbaresco wines. I also love Barbera D'Alba and D'asti. Wonderful and very affordable. These are often my weekday I also LOVE, respect and adore wines from the Bordeaux Region. I love the wines from the Haut Medoc: The Cru-Bourgeois, St. Estephe, Paulliac, Margaux and I also really love St. Emillion, Pommerol wines from Graves. I love them all. I also enjoy the satellites of St. Emillion: Lussac, Montagne, St. Georges and Puisseseguin. You can find these wonderful wines at lower costs then St. Emillion.

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