Tre Amici Imports

Tre Amici Imports

The Tre Amici Family seeks uncompromising vineyards and distillers. We redefine customer service through passion and dedication. We create value and inspire a "joie de vivere" in every customer we engage. We cultivate partnerships, and elevate our customer's dining experience by decanting the world's best at their table.

The partners of Tre Amici Imports have scoured the world or the best varietals and winemakers available. In our pursuit, we have unveiled fabulous small production, hand crafted and technically superb vineyards that carry a uniqueness that must be savored in a glass to be appreciated. Our boutique agency is here to offer you the opportunity to truly enjoy small batch, beautiful gems of the wine world from indigenous varietals to exceptional spirits.

Tre Amici Imports is dedicated to representing passionate winemakers and elegant wines. Our boutique vineyards are unique producers. Each produces wine true to the terroir and the traditions of the area, wine that expresses the uniqueness of the vineyards from which it comes.

Tre Amici Imports is a source for wine that you can count on. Our wines possess integrity of place and of purpose. Our wines will always be from small producers who can control the entire winemaking process, and who are committed to every step of that process with a single purpose in mind: to put the fullest expression possible of the grape and its vineyard into your glass.

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