The highest elevation of the Niagara Escarpment at Beamer’s Point in Grimsby is a
landmark for Kittling Ridge Estate Wines & Spirits. Tucked between the majestic
backdrop of the Niagara Escarpment and the southern shores of Lake Ontario,
at the Gateway to Niagara Wine Country, Kittling Ridge draws its name from the
ridge that creates the excellent growing conditions surrounding the winery.
Each spring, migrating hawks and eagles use the warm air currents that the ridge
creates to gain altitude as they travel north. Their circling, as they ride the
thermals, is traditionally known as kittling.

A special blend of tradition and innovation sets Kittling Ridge apart. As both a winery
and distillery, Kittling Ridge offers visitors something they can’t see anywhere else
in winecountry. From the fruit processing area and fermentation cellars, to the
copper pot andcolumn still towers, and the oak barrel ageing cellars, Kittling Ridge
is impressive.

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