Vanrick Corporaton (Ponte)

Vanrick Corporaton (Ponte)

In Italian, ponte means bridge.

An apt name for the amalgamation of three esteemed wine agencies: Saverio Schiralli Agencies, Prevedello and Mathews, and the retail division of Lifford Wine & Spirits. Ponte also represents the metaphorical link of old to new and past to future.

The combination of these three iconic portfolios presents a stellar selection of some of world's finest wines and spirits. Ponte Wine & Spirits is the number one supplier to Vintages, the fine wine division of the LCBO. Ponte also offers an exciting boutique portfolio of wines and spirits through the LCBO's consigment program.

Our sister company, Lifford Wine & Spirits, is the largest supplier of wines to restaurants and hotels in Ontario.

We invite you to explore our list. Salute!

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