Halpern Enterprises

Halpern Enterprises

Halpern Enterprises has been in the business of importing fine wines and spirits into Canada for over 57 years. Halpern Enterprises was founded by Harold Halpern, a Pharmacist by education. Harold started small but quickly developed strong relationships with a few European and New World wine producers who have grown along with the Company.

The company had developed new and strong relationships with new producers each year. The Halpern portfolio was growing by leaps and bounds. All the while the portfolio was being finely tuned to only top-quality producers. Our customers demanded quality and quality is what we supplied.

Todd Halpern joined his father, Harold, in 1979. Todd’s brother Colin joined the Company in 1991. Todd, Colin and Harold have seen the company grow tremendously over the last number of years. Today the company represents over 100 of the Worlds finest wine and spirit producers.

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