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Promote Your Wines

Winners sell more wine. It may sound simple, but it’s true.

This is in part due to the increased recognition that successful wines receive as a result of their strong performance in competitions.

Our judging method, along with our panels of recognized experts and experienced wine critics, means that results earned in the WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada are results you can be proud of.

Winning entries will enjoy increased consumer recognition as a direct result of their success in the NWACs, leveraging their winning status in marketing strategies following the awards.

In addition, all winning wines will receive at least one review on WineAlign, and many wines will also receive reviews in French.

Direct to Consumer Sales: Visitors to WineAlign have the ability to purchase your winning wines directly from you through our new Merchant Gateway. Imagine a consumer reading about your winning wine and then being able to purchase it immediately, directly from your winery or agency in only 3 clicks. Go here for more information.

NWAC23_PlatinumResults on WineAlign and in other media

Detailed results and analysis of the NWAC will appear online at WineAlign by mid-July 2023. A series of newsletters will be sent to registered users in the weeks that follow, drawing further attention to the winning wines. Award winners will have virtual medals appear with their wines on WineAlign. In addition, all of the judges are encouraged to publish the results in the media for which they write.

Below is an example showing how virtual medal wines would be displayed on WineAlign.



NWAC23_GoldUse Medal Winners in your Marketing Strategy

The NWAC results receive wide publicity from our judges as they report about the competition in their media, be it international, national or regional. Results are pre-released to the judging panel to allow them to publish in their respective media.

NWAC23_SilverMake your results a key part of your marketing strategies.

Wineries and/or agents are encouraged to promote their success in their own materials, such as shelf talkers, sell sheets, or logos, and are encouraged to indicate that the results are from the WineAlign NWAC.

Winning wineries and agents will be notified in early July of their competition success in order to facilitate any marketing planning they intend to do referencing the NWAC. Advertising on WineAlign will further enhance the benefit from being a winning wine at NWAC.

NWAC23_BronzeAll winners in the varietal categories are sent promotional materials.

Check back here following the competition to order bottle stickers and access logos and other images for download.

Please contact Heather Riley [email protected], our Sales Manager for any questions regarding marketing your competition results.

Questions or comments? Contact us:  [email protected]

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