Top 10 Ontario Wineries

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Malivoire logo1. Malivoire Wine Company

Winery of the Year

3 Platinum, 1 Gold, 8 Silver, 5 Bronze

Malivoire 2020 Le Coeur Gamay
Malivoire N/V Bisous Rose
Malivoire 2020 Analog Demo Series
Malivoire 2020 Small Lot Chardonnay
Malivoire 2019 Mottiar Pinot Noir

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Trius2. Trius Winery

2 Platinum, 1 Gold, 7 Silver, 5 Bronze

Trius 2019 Showcase Late Harvest Vidal
Trius Brut Rose
Trius 2019 Showcase Riesling Ghost Creek
Trius 2020 Distinction Sauvignon Blanc
Trius 2019 Reserve Syrah

Peller Logo3. Peller Estates Niagara-on-the-Lake

2 Platinum, 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze

Peller Estates Niagara 2019 Private Reserve Cabernet Franc
Peller Estates Niagara 2019 Signature Series Riesling
Peller Estates Niagara 2018 Andrew Peller Cabernet Franc Icewine
Peller Estates Niagara 2019 Signature Series Sauvignon Blanc
Peller Estates Niagara 2018 Signature Series Vidal Blanc Icewine

4. Thirty Bench Wine Makers

5 Gold, 6 Silver, 3 Bronze

Thirty Bench 2019 Small Lot Gewurztraminer
Thirty Bench 2019 Small Lot Riesling Steel Post Vineyard
Thirty Bench 2018 Small Lot Riesling Wild Cask
Thirty Bench 2018 Small Lot Riesling Wood Post Vineyard
Thirty Bench 2017 Small Lot Cabernet Franc

13TH_STREET_LOGO_GNL_BLK crop5. 13th Street Winery

1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 5 Silver, 14 Bronze

13th Street 2015 Premier Cuvee
13th Street 2020 Cabernet Franc June’s Vineyard
13th Street 2013 Grande Cuvee Blanc de Noir
13th Street 2020 Riesling June’s Vineyard
13th Street 2019 Gamay

6. Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery

3 Gold, 3 Silver, 7 Bronze

Ravine Vineyard 2020 Botrytis Affected Riesling 
Ravine Vineyard 2019 Lonna’s Block Cabernet Franc
Ravine Vineyard 2018 Reserve Red
Ravine Vineyard 2019 Nancy’s Block Cabernet Franc
Ravine Vineyard 2020 Patricia’s Block Riesling

7. Fielding Estate Winery

3 Gold, 5 Silver, 12 Bronze

Fielding 2018 Estate Bottled Cabernet Franc
Fielding 2019 Cabernet-Syrah
Fielding N/V Sparkling Brut
Fielding 2020 Estate Bottled Chardonnay
Fielding 2020 Estate Bottled Gamay

Creekside8. Creekside Estate Winery

2 Gold, 5 Silver, 3 Bronze

Creekside 2017 Iconoclast Syrah Queenston Road Vineyard
Creekside 2020 Sauvignon Blanc
Creekside 2018 Iconoclast Semillon Sauvignon
Creekside 2018 Laura’s Red
Creekside 2017 Broken Press Syrah Reserve Queenston Road Vineyard

Tawse9. Tawse Winery

2 Gold, 12 Silver, 7 Bronze

Tawse 2019 Riesling Limestone Ridge-North
Tawse 2018 Meritage
Tawse 2018 Riesling Limestone Ridge-North
Tawse 2019 Spark Rose Quarry Road Vineyard
Tawse 2014 Spark Chardonnay David’s Block

10. Redstone Winery

Redstone LogoOntario
2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze

Redstone 2019 Brickyard Riesling
Redstone 2017 Meritage Redstone Vineyard
Redstone 2018 Syrah Redstone Vineryard
Redstone 2019 The Club Riesling Limestone Vineyard
Redstone 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine

Note: A minimum of five wines must be entered in order to be eligible for Winery of the Year and the Top Wineries lists. The five top-scoring entries (not including Icewine) from each winery are used to determine these lists.






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